Mały agregat CHILLQUICK Light

Chiller Oy on has developed a new, lightweight water cooling system called Chillquick? Light, which is designed for low cooling outputs from 5 to 20 kW. Typical applications include small offices, shops and industrial processes. The station has been developed for instances, where one would use devices that operate with a direct refrigerant or an air-condensed water cooling package for outdoor use.

In the system, the pump, boiler, evaporator, expansion tank, automatic system and electrical accessories are located indoors, only the condenser is mounted outdoors. With this installation method, it is not necessary to take refrigerant and antifreeze to living spaces. There is always clean water circulating in the living spaces. Indoor installation prevents generation of several operating faults, which is typical of water chillers that are installed outdoors.

The Chillquick? Light unit requires very little service, and it can be serviced indoors. This system can be mounted very quickly, because there is no need to weld and solder pipes in the water circuit. The pipes can be manufactured with widely used, ready-made parts incl. gaskets and with an automatic pressing tool.