Cassette fan coil BOX Vari

The new BOX Vari water cassette fan coil combines elegance, practicality and a high quality. It blends seamlessly in different interior design solutions and, thanks to air control along the ceiling, is comfortable to use. The extensive RAL colour selection helps the unit merge with its surroundings without expensive cladding structures.

The BOX Vari cassette fan coil represents a new, ever more effortless operating concept: Install, Operate, Service easily. The device fits in many kinds of premises, its technology is safe, and servicing need is significantly smaller than with earlier models. The units are manufactured in Finland and carefully pre-tested at the factory.


Energy-efficiency of the BOX Vari is top of its class. While one LED lamp requires 6 watts of electricity to light one room, the BOX Vari cools the same room with only four watts. The area of the filter is two and a half times larger than that of the layer filter used previously, and servicing costs are reduced by 50%. Regular cleaning is very easy, which further reduces the device´s life cycle costs.
One or several units can be easily controlled with a wall controller. The controller´s EC motor enables relative control in the range of 0-100%.


Thanks to its EC grille, the BOX Vari is unfamiliar with the concept of draught, because the unit´s blowing outlets are not at the bottom surface but on the sides, so the blowing air is directed along the ceiling. Condensate water is discharged with either a condensate pump or free drainage. The total height of the cassette fan coil is 300 mm or 390 mm. The tight structure and patented corner posts guarantee a low sound level for the unit.

Blowing air along the ceiling adds to the BOX Vari´s operating comfort; there is no sensation of draught whatsoever.


Installation is easier than ever; the cassette is mounted directly from the corners of the base plate onto a fixed ceiling surface. The BOX Vari is supplied in an ecological cardboard transport package, which acts as an installation protector. Once the work is complete, the package is removed.
Servicing the unit is effortless, because the frame can be easily removed for servicing.
The tight structure and patented corner posts guarantee an extremely low sound level

The cardboard transport package also acts as an installation protector for the unit.

High-quality materials

The BOX Vari is manufactured from first-class materials. Its carbon dioxide emissions are among the lowest in the marketplace. All of the device´s functions and parts, such as in-built valves, are carefully pre-tested at the factory. The device is available in two sizes, 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm.