CDCC (44...600kW)

CDCC dry coolers are ready-to-install devices suitable for outdoor use, which include a heat-exchanger component made from copper pipe and aluminium panels, and axial fans. The same device is suitable for installation to blow both vertically (H model) and horizontally (V model).

The frame structure is made of effectively rustproofed hot-galvanized steel. Other alternatives are available to special order. The plinth structure can be adjusted between 400-760 mm at the installation point, which also allows installation on sloping surfaces.

Panel element
The spacing of the panels is 2.5 mm. An alternative with 2.0-mm spacing is also available. Devices operating in more demanding ambient conditions are available with epoxy-coated aluminium panels.

There are five alternative rpms for the fans. The fan diameters are 800 and 914 mm. All 3-pH fans are two-speed. The fans are suitable and tested for frequency-converter operation. The factory motor connection permits delta connection.

Device selection
Computer software for selecting and dimensioning liquid-chillers is available from your supplier.

Technical table

Heat transfer section is made of copper tubes aluminium fins. Standard fin spacing is 2,5 mm, with 2,0 mm spacing also available. Frame is constructed of efficient corrosion protected hot-galvanised steel. Legs height is adjustable between 400-760 mm.

Fan motors are high efficiency external ring motors with protection class IP 54. Units are provided with partition walls between fan sections.

Condensers have neutral gas charge for preinstallation period.

Performance data

Below technical data values are given for conditions listed below:
- sound pressure level dB(A) at 10 m´s distance from unit end (by ISO 3741 standard)
- fin step 2,5 mm
- Condensing capacity by condensing temperature + 45 °C, ambient air +30 °C and refrigerant R134a or R404a.
- For dry coolers ambient air +30 °C, liquid temperatures +42/+36 °C, 35% ethylene glycol mixture.


Brochure CACC_CDCC_esite_ENG.pdf

Optional accessories

- Safety switches installed next to fans
- Safety switches and cables suitable for frequency-converter operation
- Epoxy-surfaced aluminium panel
- Copper panel
- Painted case structure
- Water jets for compensating load peaks
- Fan-motor switchgear and control automation
- Special fans
- Special feet
- Rpm-controllers (continuous/stepped), see product Ecotronic

Dimensional drawings

Upward blowing

Upward blowing ( H model )









Horizontal blowing

Horizontal blowing ( V model )