Dry coolers

Chiller liquid coolers, control and optimisation

CCSG and CDCC liquid coolers
CCSG and CDCC liquid coolers are ready for installation and suitable for outdoor use. Power range 6-600 kW. The selection and dimensioning of liquid coolers is performed with a computer selection programme (available from your supplier).

The Ecotronic? optimisation centre for liquid coolers and condensers has been developed for stepless control of the units. Ecotronic? optimisation centre is an essential part of the energy efficiency of the entire water cooling system. The unit is installed inside the building as near the liquid cooler or condensers as possible.

Groupcontroller has been developed for joint use between several cold water stations. The unit helps to alternate and balance the operation times of parallel cold water stations. The unit is delivered as a complete unit from the factory, which means that it can easily be connected to several cold water stations. The maximum number of cold water stations
controlled is 4.