1. Controllers and wall controllers used in circulating-air units

1.1 Electronic wall controller for cooling and heating operation THT310F-24 V, automatic rpm-variation

3 different rpms can be selected from the controller, or it can be set to the automatic position, in which case the controller will automatically select the desired speed. The device has also numerous other functions.
The THT310F wall controller is suitable for both 2-pipe and 4-pipe radiators. It is always equipped with an infrared eye, so that its settings can also be freely changed using an infrared remote controller.
The device is started using the on/off switch.
controller´s temperature setting is changed using the +/- arrow switch
The mode-switch is used to set the device to cooling with the cool, heating with the heat, or cooling/heating with the cool/heat settings
The fan-switch is used to set the device to the desired rpm 1,2,3,Auto. Auto means that the controller first sets the valve and then the fan rpm automatically 1?3. Once the room temperature has reached its set value, the fan in the circulating-air unit stops.

1.2 THT320F-24V has more versatile functions than the THT310F controller. In addition to above features, an external sensor can be connected to this model.

The controller is also equipped with a voltage-free switch that can be used for several different functions. With an external sensor the controller can be used to control the device from outside the room. The controller is an affordable solution for large office buildings, where you do not want to use a bus controller.

1.3 THT350F-24V enables control of the motor valve with 0...10 V voltage. Like the above models this controller is equipped with a display and is easy to use.

The controller can be controlled from outside the room with an external sensor. This controller is an excellent solution for controlling both an individual office and rooms in an office building.

1.4 THT410F The user can freely select manual operation or operation through a bus.

In large systems, THT410F is connected to the bus through an PS-485 port. The controller THT410F is an ordinary 24 V wall controller, equipped with a Modbus RTU connection. Cassette fan coils and flat blower units manufactured by Chiller Oy are allways equipped as standard delivery with relay cards that are controlled by the wall conroller. All functions and settings can be changed from a control room through the bus or the controller can be allowed to operate controlled by the bus in accordance with predefined instructions. 

2. Infrared remote controller

The wall controller used in connection with a cassette radiator can also be controlled using an infrared remote controller. The infrared remote controller is an optional accessory, which can be used to send new setting values and functions to the controller, if it is not wished to set them manually.

3. Condensate pump with sensors, for a single circulating-air unit

In condensing solutions, the condensate water is removed from the unit either by free drainage or a rotary condensate-water pump. The pump´s own sensor controls it according to the level of the condensate water. The lowest level starts and stops the pump while the highest level cuts off the cooling, if the water level rises excessively in the condensate-water pan. The pump´s own noise is 28 dB(A). We recommend 600 mm as the highest lifting height.

4. Condensate pump for several circulating-air units with a collector tank

Pump dimensions: 195*130*170 mm. Tank water capacity 2 l. Pump lifting height of 4m for a water quantity of 200 l/h.

5. Fresh air connection

The Cassette can be equipped with a fresh air connection on the top.

6. BOXH - high version for free drainage

7. External protector cases for cassette fan coils

Cassette radiators can be equipped with an external protective case. This accessory is intended for rooms without a suspended ceiling. The colour of the case´s condensate pan and switchgear blends with that of the grille. The case covers the external insulation and hangers of the cassette radiator. Models with cases are supplied with suitable ceiling-attachment irons, which remain hidden inside the case. The case is attached to the outer surface of the ceiling-attachment irons with the screws supplied.

8. Valves and pipe outlets used in cassette fancoils

2-way valves and 3-way valves

BOX Mono Cassette fan coils :

2-way valves cooling kvs-value adjustable 0,2?2,1

2-way valves cooling kvs-value 2,5

3-way valves cooling kvs-value 2,5

2-way valves heating, all unit sizes kvs-value adjustable 0,1?1,6

BOX Double Cassette fan coils:

2-way valves cooling kvs-value 4,0

3-way valves cooling kvs-value 4,0

Balancing-valves and shut-offs

A balancing-valve and shut-off valve can be supplied installed in units in the factory.


Condensate-water hose is lead outside the unit. Hose dimension 500 mm, size 9 mm

Valve sizes must be checked project-specifically!

Ask about the many options and customer-specific solutions!