Agregaty wody lodowej (water chillers)

Chiller water chillers and cold water stations

The cold water stations developed by Chiller have become very popular because of their customer-oriented features. The units are built modularly, and each module is factory-tested before the final assembly.
The final assembly undergoes a series of tests. In the end, the unit is full-scale tested with the customer's parameters. The Service Next? service and optimisation programme has brought an entirely new dimension to managing the efficiency and reliability of cold water stations. The units are available with optional the COPtronic? service for the monitoring of the plant efficiency and the optional Kiotronic? service for monitoring the tightness of the units.All the functions of the units are connected real-time to Chiller Oy's Help Desk and you at all times.

Small water chiller Chillquick? Light
Water chiller Chillquick? Eco with free-cooling