Cassette fan coli BOX

An Chiller cassette fan coil forms an unobtrusive and stylish part of the surface construction of the ceiling. Its easy and flexible installation gives the designer a free hand in designing the totality of the room.
The BOX composite cassette represents an entirely new operation concept: Install, Operate, Service easily. This operation concept pays particular attention to the protection of the device from the very start of its installation. The BOX cassette fan coil is supplied in a cardboard transport package, which acts as an installation protector during construction. The device is installed on the ceiling surface inside its transport package, which is removed once the work is complete. The aesthetic protective casing, supplied as a standard accessory, ensures that the machine has a high-quality appearance.
The cassette fan coil is implemented as a square coil. The fan sucks air from the centre of the grille through a filter and blows it through a cooling or heating coil into the room in four different directions. Typical applications for the device include shops, restaurants, offices and hotels.
Installation is easier than before; attachment is not a threaded rod at the sides, but instead at the corners of the base-plate of the device.

The BOX cassette is particularly suitable for both caulked ceilings and those implemented using T-rails; maintenance hatches are no longer needed at its sides. The new construction means that the ceiling plates remain neat even after servicing, because they need not to be moved to the side.

A seamless interior design solution

The design of the cassette fan coil pays attention to appearance too, so that it will blend seamlessly into the customer´s interior solutions. The grille fits into a modern T-rail grid. Thanks to the extensive RAL colour range, the device merges with its surroundings and does not need to be placed behind an expensive cladding construction. Grille sizes are 625x625 mm and 625x1225 mm.

Safe technology

The surface temperature of the cassette fan coil is below the dew point of the air. Water condensing on the surface of the radiator is pumped directly into the drain network by a rotary condensate pump. We use is the most reliable and silent pump on the market. The pump is controlled by an electronic card, thus ensuring safe operation of the device under all conditions.

Draught-free air distribution

Chilling systems implemented with cassette fan coils has become increasing popular on the market. Compared to other systems, they have the advantages of unobtrusiveness and excellent air distribution. In this technology, no draughts are felt, as the blown air is made to remain on the ceiling and the warm air to rise. Condensation water is removed by free drainage.

Cassette fan coils are installed in the centre of the room, thus normally preventing free drainage, even through the height of the room would allow this old and well-tried solution. Chiller has developed a new cassette fan coil, the BOXH, in which condensate water is removed by free drainage. The fall reserved for the condensate water is 140 mm, which allows the implementation of free drainage above a suspended ceiling. Despite the free drainage, the cassette fan coil is only 390-mm high.


Electronic, and LON-based thermostats are available. The thermostat governs the installed water-regulating valve to keep the room temperature at the set value at a set fan speed.

An electronic thermostat regulates the fan´s rotation speed according to changes in the room temperature. A LON hub allows numerous other room functions (e.g., lighting, motion detection, etc.) to be connected to the device.)