Heat pumps

Chillquick Thermo? heat pumps

The new Chillquick Thermo? heat pumps offer both heating and cooling and they can achieve a significantly improved efficiency compared with traditional solutions.

The modular structure means that the heat pumps can be manufactured for the particular requirements of every customer. The system can contain several heat recovery, collection and cooling systems. If necessary, the heat can be utilized at several temperature levels. Active or passive cooling and heating can be implemented 
at the same time.

Cooling during springtime occurs directly from a ground well without using any compressors. In the summers, the condensate heat from the compressors is pumped back to the wells by means of the REC function. In the winter, the same heat is used as energy for the evaporating circuit. Hot water is produced in the superheat circuit by means of the SHE-function.

The units are available with optional COPtronic?-energy efficiency measurement and Kiotronic?-leak detection system. The whole system is monitored by the Service Next? supervision service. Units are also connected in real-time to Chiller's Help Desk.