Contained Cold Aisle

One of the potential drawbacks with the open Hot/Cold aisle arrangement is the risk of hot air recirculation and hot-spots. With Conteg Contained Cold Aisle (CCA) solution, the containment system is used to physically separate cooled air from hot exhaust by forming a cold plenum space and preventing mixing of hot and cold air, thereby eliminating hot-spots. The cold air is supplied into the contained aisle through perforated tiles from the raised floor or produced locally by CoolTeg units which are installed directly in the row of cabinets as an integral part of the aisle. Standard width of the CCA is 1.2 m (two perforated tiles) or 1.8 m (three perforated tiles) and the containment can be deployed with standard swing doors or dual leaf sliding doors. Using the Contained Cold Aisle is highly recommended to maximize cooling efficiency and minimize energy consumption of the entire Datacenter.