Contained Hot Aisle

In cases where there is no raised floor for cold air delivery or the room dimensions do not support the contained cold aisle deployment, the best solution is to use the Conteg Contained Hot Aisle (CHA) together with CoolTeg units.

With Conteg Contained Hot Aisle (CHA) solution, the containment system is used to physically separate cooled air from hot exhaust by forming a hot plenum space and preventing the mixing of hot and cold air, thereby eliminating hot-spots. Racks are aligned back to back and hot air is collected inside of the containment at the rear of the row of cabinets and is led into the CoolTeg units which are positioned directly in the row of cabinets as an integral part of the aisle. The cold air is blown out of the CoolTeg units and delivered directly to the front of the active IT equipment. Standard width of CHA is 1m, it can also be 1.2 m or 0.8 m wide and containment can be deployed with standard swing doors or dual leaf sliding doors. To use Contained Hot Aisle is highly recommended to maximize the cooling efficiency and minimize the energy consumption of the entire Datacenter.